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As the anchor of CNN’s coverage of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, Princess Diana’s death, and other breaking news events, Jeanne Meserve has gathered awards and accolades for her insightful interviews of world leaders and everyday citizens.  She understands how to illuminate a subject through one-on-one interactions, and group discussions.  As a moderator, Meserve uses humor, pacing, meticulous preparation, and a gift for asking the sharp question, to create vibrant panel discussions that engage the audience.

For Meserve homeland security isn’t theoretical.  It is personal.  She was on the ground in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and was the first to report the catastrophic flooding in the Ninth Ward.  Her experience covering all aspects of national security has made her a recognized expert in the field.  From biosecurity to cyber security, from transportation agencies to intelligence agencies, Meserve speaks with passion and authority about what the country must do to defend itself, and what citizens and businesses can do to prepare.

Her ascent from radio reporter in Bangor, Maine, to award-winning anchor and correspondent at ABC News and CNN has given her keen insight into the news business, and honed her skills as an expert interviewer and moderator.  A natural storyteller with a sense of humor, Meserve both entertains and informs.